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Check Out

  1. KEYS: All house keys have been left on the kitchen counter.
  2. BATH TOWELS: All bath towels have been laundered or left on bathroom floors.
  3. GAMES: The game and other equipment has been checked and stored.
  4. OUTDOORS: The outdoor barbecue area is clean and no food or garbage has been left in that area or around the lawn. The cover is on the barbecue.
  5. BEACH: The Beach area has been cleaned, garbage removed, all toys and games put away. All firewood or other supplies stored or disposed of.
  6. LINENS: All linens have been removed from beds & placed next to clothes washer (with bedding pulled back) and used bath towels are placed on the floor of each bathroom or in laundry room. All linens and mattress covers are accounted for and left in good condition, missing mattress covers are billed to the group. Guests are not expected to wash the linens or towels they use during their stay. Please start a load of towels in the washer before you leave.
  7. KITCHEN: All kitchen appliances are in good working condition and have been cleaned.
    • All dishes have been done and been returned to their appropriate location in the drawers and cabinets (or started washing in the dishwashers).
    • All Counters have been wiped clean and the floor swept and wiped up as needed.
    • All food is removed from cupboards and fridge and the fridge has been wiped clean.
  8. TVs: The TVs & DVD systems are in good condition; no parts, DVD’s, or remotes are missing or broken.
  9. DECOR: Art and other decor have been checked and are in good condition.
  10. FURNITURE: All furniture has been checked and is not damaged, torn, or stained.
  11. BATHROOMS: All bathrooms have been checked for personal items and are left in good condition.
  12. BEDROOMS: All bedrooms have been checked and are left in satisfactory condition. The home and all closets have been checked for forgotten personal items
  13. DEPARTURE: The over-all condition of the home & home grounds are tidy and satisfactory – trash has been removed from the home and picked up from around the house. A minimum $250 cleaning fee is automatically charged if the condition of the home is not met to satisfaction of the property manager. All groups must depart no later than 11:00am on the day of departure. The departure time is strictly enforced.
  14. LOCK UP: Please make sure that all outside doors are locked as you leave. Leave the keys on the kitchen counter.