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Check In

  1. KEYS: The Group Leader is given one sets of key to each locking door during check in. These keys may be used and distributed as the Group Leader sees fit, but ALL must be left on the kitchen counter at the time of final departure. Lost or stolen keys will result in a charge of $50.00 per key.
  2. QUIET HOURS: The Group Leader understands that the home is located near other residences and has been asked to be considerate of their privacy. They have also been asked to observe quite hours between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am each day.
  3. NO SMOKING: The Group Leader knows that No Smoking is allowed in the Home or within 30 feet of the Home. Leader agrees to enforce this rule; cigarette butts are to be removed from beach and lawn before departure. Failure to do so will result in an automatic minimum cleaning charge of $250.00.
  4. KITCHEN: The Group Leader has been shown the kitchen and kitchen appliances. The Group Leader has also been shown the proper location for disposal of garbage. All appliances should be cleaned before departure.
  5. FOOD RULES: The Group Leader understands that absolutely no prepared food is allowed in the bedrooms or areas other than the kitchen, dining room, and outside patio, lawn, and beach.
  6. DECOR: The Group Leader understands that he/she is responsible for wall art and decor in the Home. Broken or lost decor will be replaced by Bear Lake Home management at the Group’s expense.
  7. SUPPLIES: The Group Leader has been shown the location of extra toilet paper, paper towels, and garbage bags.
  8. MEDIA AREA: The Group Leader has been shown how to use the DVD and TV systems.
  9. GAMES / Toys: Some games & toys are stocked at the home as a convenience item for guests, it is expected that all games will be returned to their original boxes and stored before departure. Lost game and parts will be replaced by management at the group’s expense.
  10. THERMOSTATS: The Group Leader has been shown the location and how to use each thermostat. There is no A/C in the home, temperature can be regulated by keeping the windows shut during the heat of the day, and opening them during evenings and mornings.
  11. UTILITIES: The Group Leader has been oriented and given basic instructions about the utilities room and potential problems. This instruction includes a brief explanation about how the water system works, shut-off valve, and location of all the electrical breakers. In case of an emergency the Group Leader knows whom to call.
  12. MUD ROOM: The Group Leader has been shown the entrance mudroom area. Guests are encouraged to remove shoes when entering the home; soiled or sandy carpet will be cleaned professionally at the group’s expense.
  13. EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT: The Group Leader has been shown the location of the fire extinguishers inside the home and garage, First Aid Kit, and toilet plungers.
  14. LINENS & LAUNDRY: The Group Leader has been shown the laundry facilities and any blanket storage.. Leader understands that towels and linens are counted before and after each group. All lost or stolen linens and towels will be replaced at the Group’s expense.
  15. BEACH TOWELS, ETC: The Bear Lake Beach Home does not provide beach towels. Bath towels are for indoor use only and may not be used at the Beach under any circumstance.
  16. BEACH: The Group leader understands the area of private beach accessible to the guests of the Bear Lake Beach Home. Guests should make every effort to be considerate of others private beaches and Rental guest should not wander onto or use the beach front in front of other neighbor’s homes.